Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make No Mistake, Prop 8 is about the Kids

I am concerned for children in California.

A well-researched and startling article illustrates how the education of children about being gay is one of the core aims of many of the most active opponents of Prop 8.

It has already happened in Massachusetts and been upheld by a federal judge. It has even happened more strikingly during a recent first-grade field trip in San Francisco. Same-sex marriage proponents want kids to condone gay marriage, to accept it, to think of it as normal. Voting Yes on 8 will ensure that children are taught correctly about traditional marriage AND tolerance for gay people under domestic partnerships. It is NOT intolerant to vote your conscience and vote YES on 8. You are not alone.

Gay Opponents of Prop 8 argue that it has nothing to do with the education of children but it undeniably and even blatantly does. It is not in the wording of the amendment itself but it is natural and hoped-for next step for the No side.

Have you ever even heard of a field trip to a traditional marriage? Would a school board have considered my heterosexual grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary as an acceptable field trip proposal?

This issue still comes down to the fundamental question of whether we accept gay marriage as correct or not. It would greatly further their cause to fill the minds of the next generation with idea that gay marriage is normal and acceptable. I still accept the right of people to choose to be gay, but I do not accept their actions.

Please Vote YES on 8!

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