Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why this blog?

My fellow Californians and other Concerned Citizens,

I am Concerned in California over Proposition 8. I have been following the Proposition 8 saga for some time. In my mind, this issue is greater than the presidential election. Obama or McCain will come and go, and their impact will be one small stitch fading into the tapestry that is America. Proposition 8 is an unwitting fulcrum upon which turns the future of America. I want to add my voice, however small, to this crucial issue.

I am in favor of Proposition 8. I will attempt to thoughtfully articulate the "Why" of my position in several posts during the countdown to November 4th. It is my hopes for this blog are that it will help rally support, great or small, for Proposition 8 and that it will help still-undecided people to vote yes on November 4th.

Concerned in California will be a small and tolerant forum for the exchange of ideas on Proposition 8 and what it means to us as Californians and other concerned citizens of planet earth. Whether you are for it or against it, you are invited to participate on two key conditions.
  1. Intelligence, variety of opinions, constructive criticism, debate, and even wit will be tolerated. In fact, they are encouraged.
  2. Name-calling, hatred, profanity, and destructive criticism will not be tolerated.
Thanks for reading,
Concerned in California

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